Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright Soundtrack

Genre: Action/Crime/Drama The story centers on Charlie, a Los Angeles billionaire financial whiz who goes into self-imposed exile in Tijuana after his empire is revealed to have been a Ponzi scheme. While looking for the woman he abandoned there 25 years before, Charlie is pursued by a Mexican gangster, a federal agent and thugs sent by a former client looking to retrieve his money. Dir: R.Ellis Frazier, Cast: Aidan Quinn, Gina Gershon, Andy Garcia,

Congratulations Soundtrack

Genre: Comedy/Drama Jim and Bridget are on a road trip to visit Jim’s mother on the anniversary of his father’s death. Along the way, Jim proposes and Bridget says no. When they arrive at his mother’s house, she showers them with congratulations. Caught up in the moment, they pretend to be engaged for the weekend. Dir: Juan Cardarelli, Eric M. Levy, Cast: Brian Dietzen, Abby Miller, Debra Jo Rupp,

The Horse Boy Soundtrack

Genre: Documentary The Horse Boy chronicles the journey of the Isaacson family as they travel through Mongolia in search of a mysterious shaman who they believe can heal their autistic son. This film delves into the strange world of autism, horses, shamanism, and Mongolia while telling the story of a family that will go to the end of the earth to find a way into their son’s life. Dir: Michel Orion Scott, Cast: Rupert Isaacson, Kristin Neff,

Kim Carroll Film Music Sampler

Genre: Assorted These are a selection of cues from multiple film projects over the years.