“…never on-the-nose, Kim Carroll’s piano and strings score encourages further introspection from the audience.”
Peter Debruge -Variety

“With his great resonant and striking music for ‘The Horse Boy’, Kim Carroll ascends to the first rank of contemporary film composers.”
S. Mark Rhodes -Film Score Monthly

“Kim is such a great collaborator. There’s a poignancy and soulfulness to his music that words can hardly express, and he seems to bring it to the table effortlessly.”
Thomas Hefferon -Director

“I have worked with Kim in a couple of different ways over the years. On “Veronica Guerin” and the more recent “Gone Baby Gone” for instance, he proved to be outstanding using his multi-instrumental talents together with his appreciation of the workings of music for film. Kim has moved forward as a composer in his own right and through some recent co-composing assignments that we have had, it is clear to me that this path is a natural fit for his ability not just as an instrumentalist, but as a film composer.”
Harry Gregson-Williams -Composer: Chronicles of Narnia, Shrek, Man on Fire

“I consider the music Kim composed for “The Colony,” to be an incredibly valuable contribution to the film, and hugely added to the overall impact. He also “got” what I was looking for musically very quickly, which made the whole process of collaboration quite effortless.”
Steven List -Director: The Colony

“He brings an original, fresh approach to everything he does. As we say in the business: he has good ears, a good heart, and he’s really musical. I really enjoy Kim’s music.”
Charles Bernstein -Vice President: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science

“Kim writes beautifully textured music that blends with a wide range of organic instruments for a skillful musical creation.”
Nick South -Music editor: Juno, Thank you for Smoking, Wedding Crashers

“Kim Carroll truly encompasses the title of composer with his endless musical innovation, and is able to reach an audience like nothing I’ve ever heard before.”
Joe Wolf -Director: Survival of the Wildebeest

“Kim Carroll possesses a fine ear for the unexpected without abandoning tunefulness or soul. He brings an added dimension to everything he works on.”
Michael Levine -Composer: ColdCase, Close to Home

“I work with Kim because I don’t fully like my own films until I do! After picture-lock, there can still feel like there’s something huge missing. Thankfully, Kim can intuit what it is… and add it beautifully through his music.”
Kyle Rankin -Director: HellHoles, InSex

“Kim is a multi talented performer and composer”
Nic Harcourt -Host of KCRW’s Morning becomes Eclectic